About Us


Primary Weapons Systems, Inc (PWS) is a Federally-licensed firearms manufacturer located in Boise, Idaho. PWS is the designer and manufacturer of tactical and sporting rifles and accessories.


All parts manufactured by PWS are done so on state of the art CNC Machines. Any components that are not produced by PWS are purchased from only the best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to the end user.


From our CNC machinists, assemblers and quality control to our office staff, PWS is a company of shooters. It is this combination that enables us to provide our clients with quality products that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also very functional.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and best customer service to shooters, sportsmen, military and law enforcement alike, and do this at a fair and competitive price. It is our goal to create lifelong relationships with our customers who believe in our ideas and the quality of our products. We invite our customers to provide feedback through direct contact by phone or email.

MAP Policy

MAP Prices are the ABSOLUTE minimum prices allowed to be marketed, listed and advertised on websites, social media, forums, auction sites, print advertising, emails, and all marketing or sales material. Add to cart for lower/best price style prompts are not allowed. Offering discount codes or coupons to lower pricing below MAP is not allowed. Alteration of PWS products to non-factory configuration and lowering the price below MAP is not allowed unless approved by PWS. Packaging and bundling PWS product with other items is not allowed unless approved by PWS. Any online listed sales on auction or list to sell sites do adhere to MAP. A reserve price must be at MAP or not visible. 'Buy It Now' pricing must be MAP or higher. Cosmetic blem/Cannon Store products do not adhere to MAP, but must be clearly advertised as cosmetic blem items. Call or email for lower/best price style prompts are not allowed unless approved by PWS. 

Violators will be given notice one time only. Any additional violations will result in dealer being blacklisted immediately from direct sales as well as distributor purchases. 

How does a PWS rifle perform in different situations?

Watch to learn how our firearms hold up through rapid fire, accuracy, water immersion, mud and drop tests!