7221M Warne Mountain Tech 34mm, Medium Matte Rings

7221M Warne Mountain Tech 34mm, Medium Matte Rings

Custom Remington 338LM Rifle Black/FDE

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Custom Remington 338LM, 416 SS BBL, MDT XRS Chassis & NV Rail (Black/FDE)

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Introducing the Custom Remington 338LM Rifle with 416 Stainless Vortakt Barrel, MDT XRS Chassis, and NV Rail (Black/FDE). These rifles are true MIL contract overruns based on reqs for a precision rifle for Ukrain. Built by a former Remington production engineer in Tennessee.


Comes with: 

- Qty (1) MDT 5 round magazine


****Limited to stock on hand. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

Key Features:

26" 416 Stainless Vortakt Barrel: Our custom Remington 338LM is equipped with a durable 416 stainless steel Vortakt barrel (200 series). The Receivers are Remington (700 Long Action Ultra Mag) with a PTG bolt. This high-grade barrel ensures exceptional accuracy and consistency, shot after shot, even under the most demanding conditions. The Barrel comes with a 1:10 twist and has a heavy barrel profile. The chamber is an "FBI" chamber which gives the best accuracy for heavier bullets. 

MDT XRS Chassis: The MDT XRS Chassis is the epitome of versatility and comfort. Crafted for ergonomic excellence, it allows for quick adjustments to suit your preferences, delivering exceptional stability and control, no matter the shooting scenario.

Warne Mountain Tech Series 20 MOA MDT Top Rail

NV Rail: The Night Vision (NV) Rail adds an extra layer of adaptability to your setup. it accommodates night vision optics for low-light operations, expanding your shooting possibilities.

Precision and Power: The Remington 338LM is chambered for the potent .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, offering long-range accuracy and substantial stopping power. It's your go-to choice for extreme precision and performance.

Tailored to Perfection: Each component of this custom rifle is meticulously assembled to ensure seamless integration, reliability, and accuracy. It's a masterpiece of precision, ready to meet your long-range shooting needs.

Elevate your long-range shooting game with the Custom Remington 338LM. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a precision enthusiast, this rifle promises unparalleled accuracy and performance. Dominate the distance, achieve your shooting goals, and experience precision like never before.

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