Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you offer Military and/or Law Enforcement discounts?
What does your symbol mean?
How can I obtain dealer pricing / become a dealer?
Are your products warrantied?
What is the delivery time?
Can you ship outside of the United States?
Do you accept PayPal?

MK1 Series Questions

Will you upgrade my existing PWS rifle/upper to the new components?
Do you offer custom configurations or other caliber options for your rifles or uppers?
How do I clean my MK1 Series Rifle or Upper?
What parts should I lubricate?
How do I remove the charging handle?
What other hand guard can I use with this upper?
Can I install the Diablo piston system on my current 7" upper?
Can I replace the Diablo flash hider with something else?
What buffer and spring should I use?
Can I use 300BLK subsonic loads unsuppressed in my MK1 Rifle, upper or pistol in 300BLK?

MK2 Series Questions

Is your MK2 a 7.62X51 or .308 chamber?
Do you sell complete uppers for the MK2, why not?
What magazine well pattern is the MK2?
Why don't you make the MK2 in my bastard caliber, can you?
What ammo works best in the MK2?
Can I run my MK2 Rifle with a Suppressor?

Muzzle Device Questions

Are your compensators considered flash hiders?
Why does the right hand port of my compensator seem larger than the left?
What are the measurements of your compensators?
Can I use your .308 compensators on my bolt gun?
Will you make me one of your compensators with a special thread pitch?
Can you make a set screw version of your compensator for me?
How much length will your compensator add to the length of my rifle?

Miscellaneous Questions

What happened to your piston system?
How can I submit a request for an RMA?
What are your current shop rates?
Why did you make the shim set?