FRC 3-port Compensator Flat, 13.8 - 223 (1/2-28)

FRC 3-port Compensator Flat, 13.8 - 223 (1/2-28)

FRC 3-port Flat Compensator - 308 (5/8-24)


Elevate your shooting experience with the cutting-edge PWS 3-port FRC square shoulder compensator, serving as a suppressor host for the Rearden Atlas suppressor mounting system—compatible with popular suppressors like the BDE 762. Crafted with precision and innovation, this compensator stands as a premier selection for a diverse range of shooting scenarios.

The PWS FRC compensator sets itself apart by prioritizing recoil reduction as its primary function while simultaneously excelling at flash suppression. Its distinctive 3-port design skillfully redirects flash away from optics and the line of sight, ensuring an unobstructed view and minimizing overpressure. When paired with suppressors, the FRC boasts a tight lockup and maintains it through hard shooting cycles, ensuring reliability in any situation.

Mounted precisely, the FRC becomes a crucial component in your rifle's comprehensive recoil management system. By effectively mitigating recoil and muzzle rise, this compensator enables swift follow-up shots, ultimately delivering improved shooter control and accuracy, even in rapid-fire scenarios.

Choosing the PWS FRC provides the best of both worlds—superior recoil management and effective flash suppression—making it an indispensable asset for any shooter looking to enhance their shooting prowess and overall experience on the range or in the field.

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