Hardware/Product Questions

Questions about PWS Product, Specs, Etc.

How do I know which model of PWS firearm I have?
Our MK1 and MK2 MOD 0 firearms feature a quad rail and were made through mid-2015. MK1 & MK 2 MOD 1 firearms feature a KeyMod rail with forward assist. MK1 & MK2 MOD 1s were updated in 2016 to MOD 1-Ps which still had KeyMod rails, but did get some ...
How does a PWS rifle perform in different situations?
Watch to learn how PWS firearms hold up through rapid fire, accuracy, water immersion, mud and drop tests!
Is the BDE 7.62 Suppressor serviceable?
Being modular, this suppressor is easily serviceable.
What is the difference between each buffer tube?
PWS offers 3 different buffer tubes: The Enhanced Buffer Tube, Enhanced Pistol Buffer Tube, and the Modified Enhanced Buffer Tube. The Enhanced Buffer Tube features 6 settings for adjusting a stock or pistol brace. The SBA3, or other adjustable braces...
What does each upper/firearm designation mean?
All of our uppers and complete firearms are designated designated first with a Model (MK1, MK2, PCC) that designated the platform. MK1 is the AR-15 platform (.223 Wylde, .300BLK, 7.62x39), MK2 is the DPMS platform (.308, 6.5 Creedmoor), PCC is Pistol...
What is the expected barrel life of a PWS firearm?
These are all estimates based on what we have seen from customers, including trainers, law enforcement and more. The lifespan can be impacted by so many variables- suppressor use, full-auto/mag dumps, maintenance, etc. MK1 in .223- We estimate 15...
Where can I find instructions or manuals for my PWS product?
You can find all current instructions and manuals here. To request a hard copy of our manual or instructions, please contact PWS Customer Service
How do I install the proprietary parts on a MK1 MOD 2-M Stripped Lower?
Place your MK1 MOD 2-M stripped lower in a vice. Install a standard mag release/catch in your lower until the mag catch screw is flush with the mag release button. Do not over tighten. Apply pressure to the mag release button, and slip the proprietary...
Buffer weight compatibility
Mk1 and Mk2 uppers are optimized to work with H2 buffer weights. Using a carbine buffer weight can result in over gassing.
What are the differences between the lines?
While there are TONS of differences between our lines of firearms, we've made a concise reference page to show the main differences between our lines. To view this image, please click
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