UXR Conversion Kit 300BLK, 10.5

UXR Conversion Kit 300BLK, 10.5" barrel

UXR Conversion Kit .308 Win, 14.5

UXR Conversion Kit .308 Win, 14.5" barrel

UXR Conversion Kit 300BLK, 14.5" barrel


The UXR Conversion Kit in 300 BLK with a 14.5" barrel offers shooters an effortless transition between calibers, thanks to the innovative XChange system. This groundbreaking system simplifies the process by allowing users to swap out the barrel, bolt, and magwell, enabling them to tailor their rifle to specific needs. Unlike other modular rifles on the market, the UXR Conversion Kit is both reasonably priced and readily available, ensuring accessibility for shooters seeking versatility without breaking the bank. Utilizing the intuitive dot system, users can seamlessly match corresponding dots on UXR components to ensure error-free transformations, further enhancing the user experience. With the promise of expanding caliber options and barrel lengths in the future, the UXR Conversion Kit sets a new standard for modular rifle platforms, providing shooters with unparalleled adaptability and performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Calibers: Compatibility with 300 BLK.
  • UXR XChange: Intuitive XChange system enables swift caliber changes by swapping out barrel, bolt, and magwell. 
  • Easy Install: User-friendly dot system ensures error-free transformations between calibers.
  • Expanding Catalog: Future expansion of caliber options and barrel lengths promises unparalleled adaptability and performance.
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