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The revolutionary suppressor from Primary Weapons Systems.

Introducing the PWS BDE Suppressor in 9mm, a marvel of engineering for those seeking superior sound suppression and recoil reduction. Crafted by Primary Weapon Systems, a trusted name in firearm innovation, this suppressor is designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact package. With its precision-machined construction, durable materials, and advanced baffle design, the BDE suppressor ensures a quieter shooting experience while maintaining remarkable accuracy. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a novice, the PWS BDE 9mm Suppressor is your go-to choice for enhanced precision and reduced noise on the range. Discover the future of firearm suppression technology today.

3D PRINTED TITANIUM- Manufactured with aerospace-grade titanium which is lighter and stronger than traditionally machined titanium.
MODULAR- Designed and ships with removable baffles which enable modification of length and noise reduction rating.
COMPATIBLE- Universal 1.125-28 TPI pattern for compatibility with most suppressor mounts.
Coating- PVD Coating with Type 2 anodizing, for a durable finish.
TAPER-THREADED BAFFLES- Taper-threading prevents carbon locking and loosening between baffles.
ACCURATE- Symmetrical internal baffle notches increase accuracy, while exterior textures dissipate heat mirage for clear, precise shots.
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Model SKU Weight Length Diameter Calibers
BDE 9mm 23-MP0B 8.0-9.2 oz. 5.1-6.26 in. 1.45" Up to .300 black out sub-sonic



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BDE 9mm Manual

BDE 9mm Manual

Author:Primary Weapons Systems

BDE® 9mm Suppressor Manual