PWS Warranty & Customer Service Questions

If you have questions regarding a product, and you believe you may have a warranty issue, please review our FAQ page here. You can also review our manuals, instructions and other resources here.

If the FAQ page and/or manual/instruction pages do not answer your question, please contact either our customer service or warranty team below. 

Email is the preferred method of contact, as it accurately captures detail, provides a written record to refer to, and allows photos and videos to be sent. 

Our department expectation is to return emails and voicemails within 2 business days. Please note that PWS is closed for most major holidays and our sales team does travel for shows throughout the year. During these times, we may not meet this expectation, but will do our best to keep up. If you're unable to reach a specific person via phone, please call our main phone number (208) 344-5217 and choose whichever department is most applicable. 

For Questions About: For Questions About:

Pricing, Product availability, Non-technical questions about product descriptions or configurations, Current promotions, Incorrect product received or ordered, Product exchanges or returns

Email Customer Service

Technical questions about performance or parts, Damaged, broken, or not running as expected product, Cosmetic issues, Service intervals and life of parts that are expected to wear

Email Warranty

Upon contacting us, if it is determined that an RMA should be started, please click here to go through the PWS Warranty RMA Process.