Aftermarket Product Compatability

Questions about compatability with after market accessories

Does the PRO line work with extended bolt catches?
We made a change to the MK1 PRO upper receiver in early 2020 to allow users to add after-market extended bolt catch/bolt releases like the Phase 5 and Radian Extended Bolt Catch. Please click here to see the lineart of the change in revs. Please note...
Do your firearms work with Simunition or UTM rounds?
Yes, our firearms do work with Simunition and UTM rounds when used with the standard rifle/carbine conversion kit. When using the conversion kit, the piston driven rifle is essentially turned into a straight blowback gas system.
Fostech Echo, Binary and other triggers requiring full auto carriers
As of 2020, we moved to a universal carrier that is full-auto rated for all MK1s. If your carrier has serrations on the side, it is full-auto rated. If you have an older style MOD 2 carrier that does not have serrations, and would like to purchase a ...
Does PWS use a proprietary charging handle or can it be replaced with the unit of my choice?
PWS uses a standard Mil-Spec dimensioned charging handle which can be replaced by most units on the market depending on your needs.
Can I add an aftermarket trigger of my choice to my PWS build?
Standard aftermarket triggers can be added to any PWS rifle, pistol, or lower assembly.
Can I change my rail to an aftermarket rail manufactured by someone else?
Due to the proprietary nature of our design and assembly it is not possible to add aftermarket rails to our builds without custom work on the rail to allow for fitment and compatibility; we do not recommend altering the rails of our builds.
Can I change my BCG for an aftermarket unit?
Due to the unique design of the long-stroke piston system changing BCGs to those offered aftermarket is not possible; our carriers are machined from S7 Tool Steel then undergo a FNC LiFe HD conversion treatment process to make them comparable to any ...
JP Silent Captured Spring Compatibility
On older Mk1 Mod1 bolt carriers the inside diameter of the was less than the minimum 0.530 inches recommended by JP. A similar issue occurs with the Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring. In early 2018 the inside diameter of the bolt carrier was increased...
Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Compatibility
We have seen several occurrences of the inside diameter of part #5 of the LAW Tactical Folding Adapter, the Threaded Flange, being too small causing carrier drag. LAW Tactical has replaced this part for customers upon contact. If you are using the LAW...
POF Roller Cam Pin Compatibility
It can be difficult to get the POF roller cam pin into the bolt carrier and bolt, due to interference with the long stroke piston op rod that is attached to the bolt carrier. We do not suggest using the POF Roller Cam Pin with our system.
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